Supporting Carers Leeds

Volunteers are part of the Carers Leeds service – they enhance our work and as many volunteers have experience of caring, can be very supportive to other carers.

Carers and others with an interest in supporting Carers Leeds can help in many different ways. People may be interested in taking an overall view of the service and help to manage the organisation by joining our Board of Trustees.

Carers are encouraged to become involved in the way the service delivered by joining our Focus and Advisory Group. This is a friendly group of carers which meets every 2 months with a serious mission – making sure that Carers Leeds delivers the best possible service to carers. New members are welcome. Contact us on 0113 246 8338 or for more information.

We also offer the following volunteering opportunities:

Reception volunteers – help by welcoming visitors to the service – offering a drink and a chat if that is what the visitor would like

Newsletter volunteers – help by meeting once every 2 months to mail the Newsletter out to over 10,000 people on our mailing list

Information volunteers – help by keeping our information for carers up to date and relevant

Social event volunteers – help put on a range of different events for carers

Contact Carers Leeds on 0113 246 8338 if you’re interested in joining the Board of Trustees, the Focus and Advisory Group or any volunteering opportunity.

You can also support Carers Leeds by making a donation via this link.