Working with GP practices

GP Referrals – Our ‘Yellow Card’ scheme

All Leeds GP practices can refer carers to Carers Leeds by completing a ‘Yellow Card Referral’. If you are a carer ask your GP practice for a Yellow Card and when you have completed the short form hand it back to the practice and they will send the referral to Carers Leeds. As part of the process GP practices are encouraged to use the Yellow Card as a prompt to record a patient as a carer on their practice database thereby ensuring that carers can be identified when contacting their practice and offered appointment times and services that fit with their caring role, for example carer health checks and access to flu vaccinations.

GP practices who would like more information about the Yellow Card Referral Scheme can contact our Health Development Manager:

Siân Cartwright – – 0113 380 4305

Carer Awareness Training for staff in Primary Care

We have 2 Carer Awareness Trainers funded to work in Leeds West and Leeds North CCG areas to deliver brief carer awareness sessions to any staff based in GP practices or community based health staff. These sessions are designed to help staff understand the vital role that carers play in healthcare, how to identify and support carers and an overview of the services that Carers Leeds can offer.

For more information about Carer Awareness Training contact:

Jo Jenner – 07399 492 263 (North Leeds)

Grace Purnell – 07398 173 322 (West Leeds)

For Carer Awareness Training in Leeds South and East CCG areas please contact Siân Cartwright, Health Development Manager – 0113 380 4305

GP based Carer Clinics

Carers Leeds facilitates several carer clinics in GP surgeries across the city for carers who could not get to our city centre offices. Carers can be referred to a clinic by a member of staff in their GP practice.

For more information about our carer clinics contact:

Tom Harris – – 0113 380 4300
Carrie Grey – – 0113 380 4300