Parent Carers

Parents or other family members caring for a child or young person with additional needs can access information, advice and support from Carers Leeds.

We are in regular contact with Childrens Centres, schools, Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres and Child Development Centres in order to ensure parent carers know about the Carers Leeds service.

We have a commitment to running family friendly activities when possible, including parties and day trips – we welcome feedback from families with a child with additional needs letting us know what type of support they would like to see available in Carers Leeds.

We run three groups for parent carers. The Parent Carer group at Carers Leeds meets on the 3rd Thursday each month and the PACES group meets monthly in Belle Isle. Parent carers are welcome at any of our other generic support groups.
Full information on Carers Support Groups is available in our carers support group booklet found here.

View and share our parent carer leaflet here.

Max Card Payments

Please use the button below to visit Local Giving to Pay for a Max Card. Use the donate option from the page that opens make a donation of £3.00. Important: please note that a Max Card will only be sent if you have been referred to make a donation via our Advice Line.

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